The Skahn

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Nocturnal or Diurnal?


The Beast that RoamsEdit

Ask any Centauren about the great Skahn and they will tell you tales of its fearsome might. The beast wandered the plains, often seen, always left alone, whenever possible, for fear that it would snap you in two if you got too close.

But even if the Centauren in question had never seen it, or witnessed it on the hunt, he, or she, would praise its renowned song.

Every day the Skahn's cries are heard in different cities at different times. Its sounds are reminiscent of a marine mammal, and range throughout the sonic spectrum, though it prefers the upper pitches.

But the cries of the day are nothing compared to the songs of the night.

In the depths of night, when the cities' lights have all been put out, the planet is left in relative silence as the natural sounds of the animals play softly in the background. Then an eerie silence will descend on all things, like the hush before a symphony begins to play. By now many of the younger children are asleep, and many who are still awake decide to turn in due to the subconscious fear of the unmoving air.

And then they will hear it.

A faint sound, so soft that you would think you were imagining it were it not so loud.

This whisper will linger for a moment, and then swiftly crescendo into a great wind orchestra that blankets the entire planet.